The Perfect Snack for Any Party

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January 18, 2017

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It used to be that people went for the foods that were sold with the flashiest marketing. The basis for competition with shallow and fickle, and the best foods were often overlooked or ignored. Now, all of that has changed. People are more open to wholesome foods and foods of a higher quality. Our team embraces this change as true progress, and we are doing everything we can to lead the way.

Schlagers is the maker of craft brew nuts, the perfect snack for any party, day at home, or lunchbox. Our line of craft brew nuts features seven varieties of seasoned nuts and peanuts, each of which pairs well with beers and spirits. Given the expanding nature of this market, we are intent on making moves and expanding our brand. To that end, we have added three new items to our line: chili lemon peanuts, cheddar bacon peanuts, and zesty party mix. These items are available exclusively through Amazon

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